Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A whole new world

After nearly 40 years of having one breed of dog (shelties), I have entered a whole new world. Exciting and scary stuff!
 At the beginning of this year I brought home my first two Border Collies. We still have and love our shelties, but I knew I needed a change. I thought I would chronicle our adventures with them, from puppy hood on. Already, it has been very interesting! Here is our baby girl, Maggie...


Wasn't she adorable as a little munchkin? She came right in and stole my heart.

Thanks to a couple of wonderful Border Collie breeders, we have gotten a rock solid foundation.

Here is our Maggie girl during her easy going first sheep exposure- informal herding instinct test. It went great. She showed plenty of eye and no fear, even at this young age. Soon we will start her formal herding training.
Being a sheltie person, the whole scenario felt foreign to me.. becoming accustomed to a breed with eye versus a loose eyed breed. It is different, but I am loving it already.

I will post updates as we begin training and she progresses.

Next up- our beautiful boy!

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