Thursday, July 29, 2010

To show, or not to show

W. and Miss Maggie pie at her first puppy match. A second out of about 10 puppies. Not bad for doing a 'rearing pony' imitation while going 'round.

I am not a dog show purist. I am not of the mindset that conformation shows are the benchmark by which we should judge breeding dogs. I am of the whole dog philosophy. Call me crazy, but I think it remains important (even in this day and age) for dogs to have something of the original purpose and ability for which they were created. We have to remember that all breeds of dogs are man-made creations. For if they do not have some of that first intention, then really there remains no reason for the endless array of breeds.

That being said, we do enjoy occasional dog shows. It is something we do and enjoy within that context, and with the intent of having a fun dog outing. Just in the amount of time I have been involved, I have viewed far too many inconsistencies and variances to place a significant amount of stock in it. (How is that for a pun? LOL)

B. with the sweet Jenny girl.

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