Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Gathering our supplies

I am loving the process of locating books and supplies for our Oak Meadow and Waldorf inspired journey. Moving away from plastic and making a point to focus on natural items. I love hearty wood, fabric, baskets, copper and wrought iron. As I search and gather our school supplies, I am realizing a few very interesting things. Many of the items my mother provided for me, fall so easily into the Waldorf inspired lifestyle. I remember sketch pads, colored pencils, drawing charcoal, watercolors, large chalkboards, wooden tables and chairs, wooden toys and doll furniture, food from the garden, animals, and many, many books. Maybe this why I am so drawn to the Waldorf way, it has been  her way all along.

This is our youngest son gathering tomatoes in the garden. He is really enjoying helping out in the garden this year and eagerly watches his watermelon plant grow.

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