Thursday, September 2, 2010

Math Gnomes

Since we are starting Oak Meadow first grade, we found we were in need of some of those adorable math gnomes- Plus, Minus, Times, and Divide.

I looked at the prices and decided to try semi- making our own gnomes instead of buying them.

We started with little stuffed santa ornaments and pieces of felt purchased at the craft store. We were hoping that by the time we were finished they wouldn't turn out looking too santa-ish. We were in luck that we just finished the month of August, so that we have Christmas decorations to work with. ;-p

Santa guy waiting for his new outfit.

I cut out a paper pattern and sewed the two halves together to make the cloak.

Got his cloak on, and now ready for the hat.

Here is our guy- Gnome Minus. I used the leftover felt to make his little bag, using embroidery floss for the handle. Minus has a hole in his bag and so is always losing his jewels.

Next, we will work on making the other math gnomes- Plus has a green cloak, Times has a yellow cloak, and Divide has a red cloak. I amazed myself by remembering to get the right felt colors at the store!
I later sewed the 'minus' symbol on his hat and cloak.

I spent:
$1.40 for each santa
$ .15 for each felt piece

A total of about $7.00 for the four gnomes, not too bad.

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