Monday, September 20, 2010

An Amazing Weekend

We are blessed to have amazing women in our family. This weekend we added a beautiful, great lady to the mix- my new sister-in-law Krista. We have been family for so long, now we just have the official paperwork.  :-P
What an amazing weekend.

Here she is- the gorgeous bride herself!

Beautiful ceremony, and so romantic.

LOL Had to catch her in this pose!

My way too cool brothers.

Pops looking smashing, indeed.

Two more of those amazing women, Mom and Tara.

A couple of the cutest boys ever.

My sweet boys and I at the rehearsal. 

The snazzy couple- Mom and John.

Check out this adorable couple- Justin and Tara.

My handsome brother and nephew and I.

Granny looking gorgeous.

Two Joe-Cools.

A great picture of D. and Pops

The whole gang.



The first dance.

Really cuttin' a rug!

And during all this, look out, a new teenager!

Dad and Bobbi lookin' great!

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